Katy Perry, Emotion, and How to Match Ads to Your Users’ Mood

Music and Emotion There’s nothing like a great song to put you in a happy mood, or for that matter, a sad song to make you teary-eyed. Hollywood has mastered the use of music to evoke a specific emotion in their films; sport teams know the importance of music to pump […]


Vicomi Plugins now Provided in more Languages

We now offer our Comments in 5 languages and our Feelbacks in 6 languages. As of today we are now providing more languages for our emotion tools, Comments and Feelbacks. You can now easily select one of the languages (listed below) when you register (here).   Comments Languages: English, German, […]



Call for French-Israel R&D Joint proposals

FIRAD- is calling for joing proposals from “French and Israeli companies interested in jointly developing and commercializing new, innovative products, applications or services.” “The Call is launched on March 25th, 2015 and invites partners to present joint proposals for R&D projects. The first cut-off date for phase 1 submissions will […]

Vicomi featured in “5 Startups To Keep Track of in 2015”

  “When it comes to gauging the success of your content, the more information you have the better, right? Well, this startup is going to be adding a whole new wrinkle to the metrics that you can track. This system engages with the audience to judge their emotions and mood […]



40 Hottest Startups 2015

Vicomi is on Firebear Studio’s 40 Hottest Startups 2015: “Personalization is going to be everywhere in 2015. It is already a great trend which is constantly growing consuming new and new areas. Emotion-based targeting platform Vicomi is good example of modern startup, which relies on personalization. The company provides publishers […]

Vicomi WordPress Design Options

Looking to spice up your wordpress? Try Vicomi’s FREE Plugins, now with even more Design options!   Feelbacks (Get it here)     Comments (Get it here)  


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Vicomi: Futures Research and Trendwatching

    Vicomi on Expertiseweek3 blog:  Futures Research and Trendwatching “Op het internet heb je niet veel keuze om je gevoelens te beschrijven. Vicomi is een platform dat gebaseerd is op emoties. Website beheerders krijgen statistieken te zien van de emoties van hun doelgroep. Hierdoor kunnen ze hun content beter afstemmen op […]

Vicomi on Radio TLV1

Vicomi is the startup of the week on TLV1 Radio “Do you feel like the web limits your options for emotional responses? Does Facebook’s ubiquitous and famous ‘Like’ button not give you enough range to express yourself? Fear not, Vicomi is here to change all that. The Israeli startup, which […]


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Vicomi on AdExchange.com

Vicomi was featured in an article on AdExchange.com! AdExchanger is a well known ad tech and traditional advertising websites that covers all industry news and updates. The site has international readership and is based in the US. It enjoys an amazing traffic of 2.4 million monthly visits, most if not […]