Emotion Analytics

What is Emotion Analytics and Why is it Important?

Demographics, timing, and length are key elements that publishers focus on when writing content to attract and retain consumers. If you can perfect those three elements it would appear as though your website should be successfully attracting your target audience. But what about Emotion Analytics? Can it help your site and understanding your consumers and readers?

But as a publisher you start to notice that although your content is the right length, you post during high traffic times, and your language is geared towards your target demographic your website continues to sit at a standstill and is achieving little growth.

As a publisher you are probably wondering, what could I possibly be missing?

The key element that is just beginning to be explored by publishers and businesses is the use of emotion analytics to successfully attract your ideal consumer base.

But, what exactly is emotion analytics?

Emotion analytics is measuring how your users feel towards your marketing techniques, content, and product line.

For example, when publishers post content on their website they may think that users will be highly attracted to posts that are built around humour. But after measuring user sentiments, it may actually be found that their consumers prefer content that has a more serious tone.

Some may ask, why is the information found by using emotion analytics helpful?

Looking back at the example above, by finding out this information publishers can adjust their writing style accordingly. By doing this, they will likely find that there has been a boost in consumer engagement and they may even attract a wider audience.

Emotion analytics can also help you perfect the timing and length of your content. Using the data you can see whether your audience is more engaged when your content is shorter or longer, and if you get more views on the weekend or weekdays.

Now that you are starting to see the benefits of using emotion analytics, you might be asking yourself how can I start using emotion analytics for my content?

At Vicomi we specialize in providing products for publishers and companies that give them access to extremely useful emotion analytics data.

Once you integrate our Feelbacks Reaction Platform with your website you will have access to an entire dashboard filled with data based on consumer engagement. This will allow your company, or you as a publisher, to adjust your content in order to boost engagement and attract more consumers.

So the next time you sit down to write an article for your website, remember to focus on demographics, timing, length, and emotions. By focusing on these four critical elements you will no longer struggle to attract your ideal consumer and boost engagement on your website.