How Vicomi’s Emotional Analytics Measure Affinity and Relevance

How can my company set ourselves apart from the competition? This simple question is of primary importance in the minds of several management teams, but is continuously followed by generic answers, such as use competitive pricing or offer high quality products.

Although these are important factors in making your company stand out, it is time for companies to step out of the box and look at emotions if they truly want to find their distinct competitive advantage.

You may be wondering, how can I measure emotional factors such as brand affinity and relevance?

Vicomi’s Feelback Reaction Platform provides companies with extensive emotional analytics. Using our platform your company will be able to measure emotional factors like brand affinity and relevance, as well as many other important factors.

Vicomi wants to help companies just like yours to understand your consumer base better through looking at user sentiments. By tapping into users’ emotions you will be able to learn more about user behaviour.

The question is how will this data help your company?

Measuring brand affinity and relevance will tell your company how connected your consumers feel to your company, and how well you are fulfilling your consumers’ needs.

Measuring these emotional factors is key to achieving a strong relationship with your consumers that other companies will not be able to imitate. This can drastically improve your customer retention, and could be the deciding factor of whether consumers choose your company over other competitors.

Knowing your company’s brand affinity and relevance will allow your team to properly adjust your marketing techniques, or product line in order to better suit your consumers’ needs, increase loyalty and drive consumer engagement.

For example, if you consistently post blog articles on Tuesdays but see no improvement in website traffic or sales it may be caused by the day of the week you are posting content.

Our platform would be able to tell you that the reason there is no improvement in website traffic is that consumers are more likely to read articles posted on the weekend.

A simple adjustment, such as posting blog articles on weekends instead of weekdays, will boost consumer engagement and make consumers feel more connected to the brand as they are more likely to interact with your content.

In addition to helping with brand affinity, our platform also helps you fulfill your consumers needs.

For example, our dashboard measures consumer engagement through looking at emotions. If your consumers are more engaged when the article is sad, then your company knows that this is what your audience prefers.

Emotional analytics can allow you to identify issues that consumers have with your operations strategies in a timely manner, so that you can make changes accordingly.

Information like this can be critical in ensuring that you are effectively reaching your audience in a way that will help you increase your relevance and brand affinity.

So, how can your company set yourselves apart from the competition?

Use Vicomi’s Feelback Reaction Platform to gather valuable emotional analytics that will allow you to effectively measure brand affinity and relevance.


By Eli Ken-Dror & Kylie Cohen