Active Engagement on Social Media is Key

Active Engagement on Social Media is Key

User engagement on social media is important in order to increase traffic to your website. This is an essential strategy for businesses that strive for maximum online presence. Failure to engage users may result in a higher bounce rate and less traffic to the website in the near future. The web might not see the expected traffic for products and services; therefore, to succeed online, active engagement is a key.

How can you increase user engagement?

There are many methods to engage users on your website. Adding emotions to comments and content on the web is another powerful way to increase user engagement. Emotions help you understand what your target audience feels about the comments and content on your website. When visitors visit your website and read content, they can be engaged by commenting in the comment section with the aid of a graphical representation of emotions. With the Vicomi comment platform, emoticons give you an accurate reflection of what the general audience feels.

The emoticons are available in several colors, and each color represents a certain expression of feelings. They can range from funny, worrisome, maddening, to intellectual. These emotion icons allow visitors to share their thoughts regarding your content and comments on the website. This is a way to increase engagement via comment systems. Moreover, visitors get to follow each other as in popular social media sites. Everyone has a profile where comments can be seen as posted from web.

How to add these comments for user engagement?

Vicomi is a popular platform known for its ability to integrate this brilliant idea of feelings to comment systems. It enables emotion icons to increase user engagement on any website. For these icons to be active, the website owner has to install them on their website, and it only takes just a few minutes to do so. All you have to do is select a code and copy/paste it to the website page where you want the comment box system to appear.

Adding emotion icons to comments will encourage the fostering of meaningful responses to the website. The icons are clear and expressive, thus informing you about the overall feeling of the audience when commenting on the text. The worthy progress is credited to the start-up Vicomi, as the provider of these emotion icons in an endeavor to increase the number of active of users and web owners on social media.

How does Vicomi increase traffic to your website?

Without a lively engagement from users, traffic to your website might not increase. Vicomi strives to engage users so as to increase user retention and lower the bounce rate. The Vicomi platform has a personalized recommendations widget that recommends comments of users within your website and on the web, that are similar to your commenting activity. It also circulates web content on the website and, as a result, boosts traffic to your content.

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