Call for French-Israel R&D Joint proposals

FIRAD- is calling for joing proposals from “French and Israeli companies interested in jointly developing and commercializing new, innovative products, applications or services.”

“The Call is launched on March 25th, 2015 and invites partners to present joint proposals for R&D projects.
The first cut-off date for phase 1 submissions will be June 8th, 2015, and the second cut-off date will be November 26th, 2015.”


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Last year, Vicomi and Keyrus won with a join proposal.


Excerpt: “Nous avons pensé que les travaux de Vicomi sur l’émotion digitale et l’expertise de recherche de Keyrus en matière d’analyse prédictive et de BigData pouvaient être complémentaires. Vicomi a besoin d’un partenaire comme Keyrus pour faire évoluer ses produits et pénétrer de nouveaux marchés, et Keyrus, de son côté, a besoin d’une société comme Vicomi comme vecteur d’innovation”


English translation: “We thought that the work of the Digital Vicomi emotion and Keyrus research expertise in predictive analytics Big Data and could be complementary. Vicomi needs a partner like Keyrus to evolve its products and enter new markets, and Keyrus, for its part, needs a company like Vicomi as a vector for innovation”


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