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Here at Vicomi we work hard to provide you with the best tools so you can better understand your users’ emotions.


One of our main plugins, Feelbacks, prompts your users to select their reaction from the 5 emotions; in return, users are recommended additional content based on their current mood.


As sites differ on what type of emotions their content evokes, we have worked hard to come up with 5 reactions that cover a wide range of site verticals and content topics. We have also created a variety of design options so that you can choose the type that best fits your site. You can check out our design options, here.


Though our current designs cover a wide range of sites, we find that there are many site owners, who wish to add their own unique touch to the Feelbacks plugin. If you are looking to customize Vicomi Feelbacks a bit more, here is the information that you need to know.


Customization Options


To customize your text, follow the directions here.


If you are using our wordpress plugin you can follow the steps, here to change your design and language settings.


All other custom icon are taken care of by our development team. If you would like to submit a request please send the following information to support@vicomi.com:

  • Website Name
  • Email used to Subscribe


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