Essence of Emotions in the Medium of a Commenting Platform

People are often considered to be hard to crack, and perhaps their emotions are even trickier to interpret. The Vicomi Team realized that in order to expand from the basic textual value of responses, we needed to find a way to formulate contextual conversations in a way revealing deeper meanings. Thus, we aimed to encourage discussion and interactions among users through an innovative comment platform. When users have the option to tag their emotion with the choice of five emoticons, it becomes much easier for them to attach their instinctive feelings to comments.

Why we opted for the emotional interpretation of commenting? Simply put, there is more to human interaction than plain and simple words. We often say things but imply a greater meaning. Text messages work in the same manner; there could be infinite meanings and connotations behind the words displayed on the screen. Users on the other end encounter a certain ambiguity from the embedded words on the screen.

The aggregate value of emotions is easily lost within the daily communications of online interactions. Instead of boring black and white simplistic words, tagged emotions provide genuine meanings behind what users respond. With the Vicomi visual comment platform, users are also able to provide feedback on other comments by responding to and also rating how comments make them feel, called feelbacks. This initiates a transition into a higher quality of comments, to spark thorough social conversations. As a cluster of textual responses, one would have to read all the comments in order to understand the general reaction of viewers. We have decided to attach a tally above the comments section to define the distribution of feelings, providing users with the overall feedback of how the community is responding. Emoticons are used to represent the simplistic division of ratings, which provide a summary of user reactions at-a-glance.   We encourage high quality conversations with the clear distribution of emotional responses, inciting users to provide thoughtful comments to posts. After all, the purpose of content marketing and social media is essentially to reach out, with the intent of receiving an active engagement process. The goal is to strive for insightful social interactions on the web. The commenting platform is progressing from the basic text only box, into an emotional conversational environment where users fully engage with their emotions and each other for the most effective communication.

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