Connect With More Readers by Tapping Into Their Emotions


The secret is out. Content marketing needs to cater to the emotional buildup of its intended audience if it’s going to have any chance of succeeding. While there’s no simple and straightforward method towards tapping into one’s emotional triggers, there’s certainly a broad sense of how it can be achieved with minimal intrusion into someone’s personal space.

Here are some simple steps that you can use towards connecting with your reader based on a much deeper level.


Your business, product or service caters to a very specific audience, yet far too many publishers and business owners take the time to define user personas.

It makes complete sense for you to take some time out and know your audience and understand what they go through on a typical day.

  • What their likes and dislikes?
  • What is their typical day like?
  • What other sites do they read?
  • What’s their demographics?

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Understanding these key traits will help you brace for emotional shifts whenever they happen. For example, if you know that your target market is excited about a concert that’s about to happen in the hometown, you could always create some business creative that taps out on that.


These are some simple ways in which you can tap your reader’s emotions and increase conversions in your business. Basically, all this depends on the kind of data and information that you get about your target market. You can opt for plugins such as Vicomi’s Emotions Feelback that offer you an emotive feedback about the content you publish. While many responses have four or five icons, starting from ‘love’ to ‘hate it’, these plugins allow the audience several other emotions, which succeed in providing better data for the content owner.


Traditional, one-way media channels like television, radio, and print are more suited to the formal tones of broadcast. In the old days, a credible, omniscient, father-figure advised you on your consumer choices. Times have changed.  Social media is conversation, and a “radio voice” sticks out like a sore thumb.

Increase Your Reader Engagement with Vicomi’s Free Reaction Tools – Find Out How.

The idea is not to talk down to your readers or sound like you’re preaching. Both will backfire. Don’t think like traditional media (television and radio), which adopt a certain tone and style that reflects their medium’s one-way communication line.


Friends clan together. That’s the basic idea. Friends open only when they know that the other person is as open and emotive as themselves. Therefore, make it a point to create an emotional background for your product or service via your creatives. A staid creative or a done-to-death article never impressed anybody, and it’s not going to start for you either.


emoji-laughWe live in a world that’s full of opinions and it’s not necessary to accept and reject each of them. Businesses have succeeded for years by being neutral. In fact, rarely have businesses gotten into the pit fight of opinions. You can toe the line by being neutral and not overly criticizing for the longest of times. You can even overlay the criticizing with sarcasm, so the bite is lost but the message is sent.  However, be aware when your target market wants to make their opinion known about something. If you decide not to support or lend them a voice, it is possible that they get put off by your brand and don’t want to have anything with it for a long time.

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