Increase Reader Engagement With Vicomi’s WordPress Updates

Today’s media brands and site owners in the media publishing struggle to maintain engagement with their readers and deliver more of what they’re interested in.

Understanding reader sentiment is a major challenge for brands. Unless readers comment and explicitly express their feelings, their sentiment remains a mystery.

We at Vicomi aim to solve this major challenge with free reaction tools for both HTML and WordPress site owners. Vicomi Feelbacks offer an intuitive addition to today’s social likes and shares, which allows readers to tap and share their reactions and emotions once they’ve read a post or article.

Increase Your Reader Engagement with Vicomi’s Free Reaction Tools – Find Out How.

Once readers express how they feel by clicking on a relevant emotion, they’re offered content that matches their mood (e.g. Happy, Angry, etc.) As a result, site visitors have a more personal experience and consume more content and ads, depending on their mood. Additionally, Vicomi’s free plugin can automatically create premium videos and galleries from content that readers have engaged with the most.

Based on Vicomi’s engagement statistics, publishers that integrated their reaction tools saw an increase of reader engagement of 5% and an increase of 6.8% to their monthly page views.

Eli Ken-Dror, Vicomi’s CEO, had this to share about their reaction tools. “As our daily lives become more digital, people appreciate brands and experiences that understand, listen and interact with them. This is especially true of content consumers who feel a certain mood after reading content. Vicomi makes it incredibly quick and easy for readers to share their feedback, and for content creators to deliver a similar type content that will fuel their current mood.”

Increase Your Reader Engagement with Vicomi’s Free Reaction Tools – Find Out How.

Feelbacks have been installed and used by thousands of websites so far, and Vicomi is now launching a new, streamlined website, as well as frequently requested updates to their WordPress plugin.

With their latest WordPress updates, Vicomi users now have more control over where Feelbacks appear on their WordPress site, and can leverage the use of Shortcodes for almost limitless freedom to display emotion reaction anywhere.

The true beauty of Vicomi’s reaction tools is their robust analytics dashboard, which delivers a deep understanding of the most effective ways to create emotional reactions with. By displaying statistics on content that receive the most engagement, most engaging days of the week, and referral websites, site owners now have more tools at their disposal, to boost engagement for their content.

Website owners and WordPress bloggers are invited to download their free reaction tools by visiting and start increasing engagement with their readers today.