Get The Oatmeal’s “More Reactions” For Your Site

“Meh”, “nope”, “I just threw up in my mouth”, and other responses Facebook’s new Reactions missed, are now available for your site!


Facebook released their new Feelbacks Reactions globally last week, with 5 new reactions in addition to the classic “like”. The new reactions consist of, “Love”, “Haha”, “Wow”, “Sad”, “Angry”.

When asked whether these reactions were able to encapsulate the wide array of human emotions, Matthew Inman, better known as the famous web comic, The Oatmeal, responded with a resounding “nope”.

The Oatmeal suggested a few necessary additions he felt were lacking from the Facebook version, such as the universal reactions, “Meh”, “I threw up in my mouth”, and “I read this while pooping”.



Here at Vicomi, we agreed that these alternative choices should be made available in our Feelback Reactions so that people can start responding with how they really feel.

I am thrilled to announce that our Feelbacks design options now include two new designs based on The Oatmeal’s comic that you can add to your site today!



Get your own version here



Get “Oatmeal Reactions” for your site HERE!

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