Publishers can get Feelbacks Reactions for their Sites (Similar to Facebook Reactions)

Last week Facebook launched reactions to its 1.55 Billion users.

Vicomi, has been working for the past three years on developing a reaction platform much like Facebook’s, but for publishing sites. We have 14,000+ websites & publishers using our technology and have collected over 10.5 Billion emotion reactions so far. Based on that, we developed a platform that analyzes the data and reveals interesting emotion insights.

The launch of Facebook’s reactions validates what we at Vicomi have always believed: people want to share their emotions online. Furthermore, it educates the market and allows people to express their emotions.

Feelbacks reactions prompts site visitors to share their reaction to the content by clicking on one of five emotion buttons selected by the publisher. These reactions are saved in the publisher’s private database and utilized to analyze the effectiveness of their content. By analyzing the correlation between the emotions and responsiveness of the site visitors, publishers can optimize both the content and advertising on their sites, and increase profitability. Feelbacks’ unique, patent pending technology is based on powerful algorithms that utilize machine learning inputs, context and NLP approaches.

We encourage you to try our Feelbacks reaction platform for free!

Get Feelbacks Here


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