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5 Quick Tricks to Writing Blog Posts People Want to Read and Share

Creating a blog takes more than just arranging a few hundred words in a document and posting it online. So creating an engaging blog is certainly a more than just a run of the mill endeavor. If you’re looking to create a knockout article that not only drives traffic but also gets the audience to share it with others, here are some steps that could help you get the ball rolling.

Choosing a  “Catchy Title”

You may have a unique idea or a topic that might get you the accolades from your audience, however, you need a catchy title to attract your readers to your blog. Sure SEO does the job in terms of getting your blog listed to the top of search rankings, however, an interesting title is what draws the reader to click on the blog link.

The title must be catchy, simple to read and should be relatable to your content. It should not be very long as that affects the SEO rankings as well as drops the overall impact on the reader. In other words, your title must be an innovative snapshot of the entire content.

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Keep It Simple

A simple blog is a perfect blog. Don’t bombard the reader with information that is unnecessary and not in conjunction with the message you are trying to convey. Use of heavy words can impress, however keep a tab on the frequency; you wouldn’t want to scare the reader away with too many intellectual terms. Always identify your target audience and write the blog keeping them in mind.

Keep them engaged with small interesting facts related to the overall content. Throw in some statistics to add authenticity to your content. There must be a takeaway from the content, which means the blog should be educative, informative or entertaining.  Blogs have been rated as the 5th most trusted source for accurate online information.

Write for the Reader

Bloggers tend to make a common mistake of writing about topics that interest them. Today, blogging is more about writing for your readers than for yourself. If your content cannot connect with the reader, then you are better off making notes in your personal diary rather than taking the hassles of publicizing your content via the blog medium. 43% of the people admit to skim through blog posts, and if they don’t find any matter of their interest, then there is the slightest chance for them to ever return to your site.

Add To The Visual Appeal

The key to an appealing blog lies in the graphical representation of your idea. People like seeing things, and they can very well connect with visuals. Thrown in some great high-resolution pictures or videos that must be obviously related to the content at hand, and there is a 94% higher chance for your blog to get noticed. Visuals also help your blog with Google Ranking, however, you must take care that the pictures/videos are licensed for reuse or your blog can fall right into the trap of copyright issues.

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Feedback goes a long way

A blog today is not just a one-way street where bloggers get to convey their message across. Blog success has a lot to do with the communication/feedback that is generated from the audience. This feedback helps the blogger modulate and enhance the content as per the interests of the reader. And if this feedback has an emotional connect, it allows the blogger to understand comprehensively about the requirements from the audience.

Vicomi Feelbacks, our WordPress Plugin, adds a variety of emoticons/smileys the end of the blog that offers a genuine emotional feedback from the audience to the blogger. Blogger can now estimate if the blog made readers laugh, smile, sad, cry, angry, and so on, so that you can focus on creating content that keeps readers coming back.

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